February Diary

Sunday February 4th

Singaround/Session Night 

Another chance to perform your own songs, music or whatever you chose or

just come and listen. 

Sunday February 11th

Feature Night with Robbie Williams

Robbie final

Robbie is a relatively new member of the folk club but in the time he has been with

us he has impressed us with his excellent guitar playing and singing of a wide range

of songs from Robbie Burns to modern classics.

Don’t miss him, we are in for a good night.

The rest of the evening will be in the usual session format.

Jug collection. 

Sunday February 18th

Singaround/Session Night 

Music, songs, poetry, monologues, once again the choice is yours.

Sunday February 25th

Alistair Russell and Chris Parkinson

Alistair Russell Chris Parkinson

Alistair Russell and Chris Parkinson are one of the best acts on the UK folk music scene. They combine great stage presence with inventive and sparkling musicianship. The repertoire is a broad and enjoyable mix of traditional and contemporary music and song with a strong emphasis on audience participation. Both artists are masters of their craft with a combined pedigree which includes membership of the Battlefield and House Bands. This is a top drawer act.

Their programme is very varied in style and content, but very much based on the Celtic music which forms the roots of both musicians. Both players had realised some time ago that lots of excellent material had passed out of currency through overuse. But a whole new generation of young Celtic music fans was eager to hear what were, for them, new songs and tunes. Both Battlefield Band and the House Band did their bit in the 1990’s, so that “old chestnuts” could be given new life – the folk process, in a nutshell. In addition, the songs from the “A19” album contain many newer compositions by well-known writers and by Alistair himself. Chris’s wide musical taste as heard on his solo recordings, and his own compositions, are also represented.

We have a LICENCED BAR with drinks at club prices,

which opens with the club at 7pm.

All performances start at 7.30pm and finish at 10.45pm.