Although anyone is welcome to attend the Woolston & Bursledon Folk Club, we do have a “Club Membership”.

The membership of our folk club costs £5 per person and runs from 01 January to 31 December of the current year, and members will be invited to renew their membership each January.

One of the benefits of club membership is discounted entry on “Guest Nights”. This will usually be a £1 or £2 discount, and normally more on the “‘Special Advance Ticket Only” guest nights, when we tend to book more expensive guests. A member attending every guest night could make a saving of about £20 annually!

If you have any children of school age, they are automatically Junior Members of the club, and are not charged either for membership or for entrance on Guest Nights (except for Special Guest Nights when space is limited).

The membership fees are kept separate from the general club funds, and we use the ‘membership funds’ to subsidise two ‘members only’ social events each year including a “Members’ Summer Barbecue” and a “Members’ Curry & Ceilidh Night”. These social events allow us to get to know each other a little better, and to get together to chat, sing, play, or just listen in a different environment. Oh, and have some hot food as well, which is paid for from the membership funds.

You will also get a number of newsletters each year. If you have an email address, you will get these by email, otherwise you can pick up a copy from the club.


Next time that you come to the club, just fill in a Membership Form and hand it in – together with your fiver – to either the person behind the bar or the person at the door on Guest Nights