Club Closure (Coronavirus)

10th March 2020

Hi folks,

Sandy & I have been talking for the past few days on how the folk club should respond to the threat of coronavirus.

We are aware that most of our members/regulars are retired, with several of us having health issues of one kind or another. Sandy herself has three conditions which have weakened her immune system..

At the first instance, after discussing with Cath Watkins of the SFO, we decided to postpone next week’s “Cake & Ceilidh” night. This is bearing in mind the general advice to stop hugging and kissing and even shaking hands, and ‘dance’ obviously involves ‘touch’. The ceilidh night will be postponed till when we know it’s safe again.

Then we wondered if we should actually be closing the club temporarily. We subsequently phoned some of our members for their views, and phoned the hall caretaker who told us that he had already been contacted by several hall users with the same dilemma. He saw no reason why we shouldn’t be able to take a sabbatical for a short time. With this in mind, John Connell and I went along to the club last night to put it to those present at the Singaround   There were only 11 of us who had ventured out but it was generally agreed that we should close, in the first instance, for a month or so. Hopefully after that there may be more direction from the government.

We have therefore contacted the guests we had booked for March and April and postponed their visits to us to a future date (as yet unknown).

We are now officially closing the club till May 2020. Please keep an eye on the website for further news, or indeed telephone us. We hope you agree that we are trying to act responsibly. Had our membership been a younger one, no doubt it would have been a different decision.

Sandy and I are not isolating ourselves, but keeping our trips outside home to a minimum, so if you feel like popping over to see us, for a chat or a cuppa, please feel free (but please check first in case we’re out at one of our numerous hospital appointments!). (We’re regularly wiping our door handles etc. with vodka! – well, the shops have run out of sanitiser gel!!!)

We look forward to seeing you in May (3rd)at the club.
Meanwhile, take care of yourselves and each other, keep an eye on the club’s website, and keep safe,
Sam (& Sandy)