Club Closure (Coronavirus)

3rd May 2020

Hello friends,
Having closed the club for the whole of April here is an update from us about the club going forward.

Sandy had a message from the NHS, telling her that she was one of the vulnerable who has to be shielded and has to remain at home initially for 12 weeks. I also have health issues and am vulnerable although not officially! I am therefore also self-isolating to keep Sandy safe!

It is the intention of the folk club to return when we are given the ‘all-clear’ by the government that Sandy can stop self-isolating and we can return to normality!

Although the 12 week shielding ends in mid June, we have no idea how much further we will be required to self-isolate.

We are looking into ways of holding a ‘virtual folk club’ on either Friday nights or Sunday nights, say at 7:30pm.

We have been using ZOOM to have a video chat with our kids and grandkids. This Free version of Zoom limits us to six entrants for 40 minutes.
The Paid version of Zoom has no time limits and we can setup a group meeting of 24 (or more I think) participants. Only the ‘hosts’, ie Sandy & Sam would need to install the paid version on our computer. The rest of the participants could install the free version.

For the moment, if you could please contact us using the club email ( indicating whether you are willing to join in with a  virtual folk club session and whether you would prefer a Friday Night or a Sunday Night Session

Essentially, the real world club will remain closed until the emergency conditions are ended and we are all well enough to get things back to normal.

Hope you are keeping safe
Take care,
Sandy & Sam xx